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Since the 1990s, NASA has used aerogels in aerospace applications such as aerospace suit thermal insulation and cosmic dust collection, which have led to rapid development of other aerogel applications.

Traditional materials insulation status:

1. Traditional thermal insulation materials have high thermal conductivity , occupying a large space because of thick thermal 

   insulation layer;

2. High density materials make the spacecraft heavier;

3. Traditional thermal insulation materials have low structural strength, poor adaptability to varied weathers, and low-

   pressure resistance.

Thermal insulation advantages of UGOO aerogel materials:

● Low thermal conductivity and better thermal insulation performance will improve the  environment of the spacecraft;

● Thin insulation layers will increase the space utilization ratio;

● Low density makes the spacecraft lighter;

● Strong pressure resistance will improve the rigidity of insulation layers;

● High adaptability to varied weathers, which guarantees consistent performance in spite of high or low temperature