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   Presently, high-speed railway´s operating mileage length exceeds 29,000 kilometers in China, accounting for more than two-thirds of the global high-speed railway operating mileage.With operation fast, safe and stable and comfortable travel environment, EMU has become an inevitable choice for people´s daily travel. The inter-layer space between the EMU compartments is narrow, so insulation materials with high performance are necessary.

Traditional materials insulation status:

1. High thermal conductivity and occupy a large space due to thick thermal insulation layers;

2. High density material makes the vehicle heavier;

3. Traditional materials may release toxic gas when burning.

Insulation advantages of UGOO aerogel materials:

● Aerogel material insulation have low thermal conductivity and better insulation performance which requires only 1/5 to 1/3 

   thickness of traditional insulation materials;

● Excellent fire protection that provides valuable time for the safe evacuation;

● Noise cancelling makes passenger carriages comfortable and quiet;

● Without toxic , there is no pollution to the environment;

● Low density makes carriage lighter. Great pressure resistance makes train carriage light and strong.