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       Solar energy is a type of clean and renewable energy. Among all the renewable energy sources, solar energy is the most widely distributed and the easiest to obtain.Making full use of solar power is getting  more attention, especially under the promotion of the national energy policy.How to improve the efficiency of solar power and is a key issue. The process of solar thermal power generation involves the collection of solar heat by using large arrays of parabolic or dish shaped mirrors, gathering steam provided through the heat exchanger, and generating electricity generated with the traditional turbo generators. This form of solar energy has an incomparable advantage that other forms of energy conversion cannot beat - hot water and molten salt used in the process can be stored in large containers, and the remaining heat can still drive the turbo-generators after the sun goes down. With the efficient utilization of heat-collecting and heat-preserving materials, solar photothermal power generation can achieve better results.

Traditional materials insulation status:

1. Poor insulation effect,  tremendous heat loss,drastic temperature drops of the heating medium;

2. Thick insulation layers, it is difficult for construction;

3. Poor hydrophobic properties. It is Easy to cause sedimentation.  Short service life.

Thermal insulation advantages of rock and gas aerogel materials:

● Low thermal conductivity, great insulation performance, effectively reduced cold loss, and less temperature drop of the 

   heat medium;

● The insulation layers are thin and easy to construct;

● Good hydrophobic performance, stable structure and long service life.