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Central heating system is an urban lifeline project that concerns people's livelihood. Moreover, it’s related to citizen’s life quality, improvement of the ecological environment,and social harmony and stability. Heat pipe network, starting from the boiler room, direct combustion engine room, or heating center, is a network of transportation pipes that transfer heat to each building’s thermal entrance. For the orderly urban traffic and appearance,urban heat pipes are usually laid underground.

Traditional materials insulation status:

1.The total length of the pipeline is too long, and the insulation performance of traditional materials is poor, which 

   easily causes thermal energy loss;

2. Low temperature resistance, long-term use turns into carbonization, which is a loss of insulation effect

3. High thermal conductivity and thick insulation layers leads to a larger outer diameter of the outer casing. It will increase 

   cost of pipe laying work and transportation;

4. Low water resistance, short service life, vulnerable to corrosion.

Insulation advantages of UGOO aerogel materials

● Low thermal conductivity, which solves the problem of medium’s dramatic temperature dropping in long-distance 


● Low density, less insulation thickness, reduced outer casing size, reduced pipe laying cost and transportation cost

● Better resistance to stretch and pressure, much more stable thermal insulation structure

● Higher hydrophobic ratio, longer service life, excellent corrosion resistance, and reduced replacement and transportation 


● Good thermal insulation performance, lower temperature, greatly increase the use temperature of the client;

● It is easy to cut and construct , reducing construction cost.