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Over the past decade, China’s coal and oil prices have risen substantially,therefore improving the energy efficiency to meet the fast-developing society is an inevitable topic. Petrochemical Industry is among the top industries that consume great amount of energy. In order to achieve the goal of energy conservation and emission reduction, better insulation performance is required for new thermal pipelines and equipment.

Traditional materials insulation status:

1. Traditional inorganic porous insulation materials have high thermal conductivity and limited energy saving effect

2. Organic foaming materials are flammable with toxic substancesand can serious pollute the environment

3. Outdoors heat pipes are constantly damaged and corroded by wind, sun light, rain, and shock and pressure. They are 

   also easy to shift position which poses high security risk

4. Pipeline vibration due to shock and pressure creates cracks on insulation shell and coat structures. Heat loss will be 

   greatly accelerated.

Insulation advantages of UGOO aerogel materials:

● Low thermal conductivity and great thermal insulation performance, which ensure the pipe insulation structure´s heat loss 

   to be within the standard loss limit, and the thickness of the insulation layers are also reduced; 

● Higher hydrophobic and low water absorptionwhich prevent sinking caused by water absorption;

● Level-A fire resistancewhich overcomes the disadvantages of low ignition point of organic materials;

● Better resistance and stable thermal insulation structure;

● Easy to cut, easy to construct, and lowers construction cost.