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         With the promotion of national energy conservation and emission reduction, the new energy vehicle industry has developed strongly over the past few years. The “new energy” mainly comes from the Lithium battery power system, which still possesses the risk of spontaneous combustion and explosion under extreme conditions, even though the safety aspect has been significantly improved. Thermal runaway is a critical problem of lithium batteries. Currently, the solution is to add heat insulation layers into the battery pack, to block the runaway monomer from spreading around, and to reduce the damage of the battery pack and any collateral impact. The performance of electric cars is also affected by the temperature-low temperature influences the performance of regenerative braking system, slows the charging speed, and disables the power to be fully charged. As a result, the heat insulation performance of the heat insulation layers must be outstanding to prevent the lithium battery temperature being too low.

Traditional materials insulation status:

1. High thermal conductivity, thick heat insulation layers, and large storage space requirement;

2. Low fireproof and waterproof ability;

3. The insulation effect decreases quickly and the service life is short.

Thermal insulation advantages of UGOO aerogel materials:

● Excellent fire proof performance.Best operating temperature for lithium battery. Providing valuable time for the safe 

   evacuation in case of accidental fire;

● Low thermal conductivity and good insulation performance. Thin insulation layers. Improving space utilization of the 

   battery effectively;

● Good waterproof performance and long service life;

● Harmless for environment.