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       Building & Construction industry is one of the heaviest material consuming industry in China. Its energy consumption accounts for over 30 percent of the national use. Each year, new housing constructions of nearly 2 billion square meters are being added to urban and rural areas, of which more than 80% are high energy consumption building. Existing constructions are approximately 40 billion square meters, of which more than 95% are high energy consuming as well. Now, the energy consumption of building areas in China is 2 to 3 times higher than the developed countries. Therefore, the government has introduced the policy of energy conservation and emission reduction, and several energy-efficient building standards have been proposed. All in relation to the promotion and standardization of the energy-saving materials used for construction development. There are various types of building thermal insulation materials in the market, which can be divided into two categories from the aspects of material composition - inorganic thermal insulation materials, like aerated concrete, glass fiber, and rock wool, and organic thermal insulation materials, such as extruded polybenzene board and polybenzene particles. However, there are several problems of the traditional insulation materials used for comprehensive insulation effect.

Traditional materials insulation status:

1. Low thermal efficiency, energy saving effect is insignificant

2. Not eco-friendly, product waste is difficult to handle with after being discarded, and thus heavy pollution to the 


3. Poor hydrophobicity, large deformation coefficient and short service life

4.Some of the materials are not fire proof, and even release toxic and harmful gas when high temperature is reached.

Insulation advantages of UGOO aerogel materials:

● Low thermal conductivity, solid thermal insulation performance, thinner insulation layers, and space saving

● Fire proof and hydrophobicity, long service life

● Safe and eco-friendly

● Porous structure, high surface area, sound absorption and noise reduction, all contributed to creating a comfortable living 


● Easy for cutting and construction, with reduced construction cost.