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Oilfield insulation of gas injection pipeline

                 Working conditions: Steam temperature of 350℃,DN150 pipelines 



       Traditional insulation solution:Aluminum silicate 50mm × 3 layers.The layers are bundled with iron wire layer by layer, and the 

            outer layer is externally protected with aluminum sheet.


                              Aerogel composite insulation solution:Aerogel insulation blanket (UG550) 10mm × 2 layers + aluminum silicate 60mm × 1 

                  layer.The layers are fixed with iron wire in advance layer by layer ,  then are bundled with high-temperature aluminum foil fiberglass 

                  cloth.The outer layer is externally protected with aluminum  sheet .



                1.The outer diameter of the insulation layer is reduced from 459 mm to 319 mm, and the size of pipe frame is reduced respectively.

                2.The heat loss is reduced from 238.7W/m to 155.4W/m, and the energy saving rate is 34.9%.